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The archetypal image on an iceberg evokes a swarm of emotions. An iceberg embodies the human desire to explore the unknown, to venture toward an imagined gain while overriding the fear of potential disaster. Historically, the iceberg signifies adventure, conquest, courage and mortality. Psychologically, it represents the draw we feel toward worlds that are simultaneously threatening and alluring. And symbolically, ice connotes preservation and entrapment. In a contemporary context, the iceberg represents a critical environmental condition that is seemingly distant, yet omnipresent, the manifestation of our affect on the planet.

My paintings and invite the viewer to respond on a visceral and emotional level, while also considering the broader contextual significance of the subject matter. Nostalgia, our firm and melancholy grasp on things past, is integral to my work and I often use literature, photography and music as a reference point. The iceberg evokes nostalgia on many levels: nostalgia for a time when the earth was largely unexplored, for the days of discovery, and not just discovery of unknown places, but of knowledge and information. Ultimately, the iceberg signifies the protection of the precious from decay.